Remember these moments forever with Studio Heirloom Collections! 

Heirloom Canvas, Albums & Keepsake Jewelry which will hold your memories forever are all available from my full service boutique Photographic Studio Product Line. 


Your Children are growing up.. sometimes so fast we dont even realize they have grown 3 inches since last years
photographs. This generation is the most photographed generation, EVER in the history of the world; EXCEPT that
almost 80% of those photographs are digital and will NEVER BE PRINTED, which means your kids wont find a shoebox
of old images in 50 years
and portraits of themselves on faded polaroids of a lost childhood.


All those great  snapshots & photographs & even your selfies will be LOST in digital infinity... unless you print them!  Don't let your professional photographs get lost! The best photographs; sure, they can be showcased on Instagram,but CAN you FIND them even 1 year from now? What about that old hard-drive of baby photographs? What if it wont
upload, or worse, your wedding or baby photographs are stuck on a CD which cant even be read by your new laptop! A
keepsake album is a fantastic purchase because you can keep it on your coffee table, look at it after a glass of wine and
HAVE THE PHOTOGRGAPHS in your hand 30 years from now.


Want Digital Files? Albums purchases COME WITH a USB of Album-Sized high
resolution digital images, so you can still put your images on social media and share your child's image as much as you’d like.
AND Your child can also still find their album 50 years from now when going through old things.... Printed images last a
If you have the wallspace, Mounted Prints & Wall Canvas are also a fantastic way to showcase your images so
that they bring you joy on a daily basis.



1.. Albums - What better way to keep ALL your favorite images then these heirloom books. Available Flush mount albums in size 8x8, 10x10 or 12x12. Albums cover with matching usb containing all included album images high resolution, album size file. (size 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 depending on size of your album)



Shown above: 8x8 Photo Albums, Flush Mount metallic paper , showcasing Mermaid Photo Sessions

Albums start at $450, larger sizes available (8x8, 10x10 & 12x12 are favorites!) 


Family Photo Sessions, displayed in Album.




I work very hard to ensure that your photo session leaves you with beautifully printed, heirloom canvas and quality albums of which you will enjoy the memories, for years to come.  My own home is filled with large prints, canvas portrait artwork & albums of my children because I believe it is important to have these warm memories printed & surrounding us in a tangible form. If you work on a computer all day, you may want to rest your eyes, relax with a glass of wine and look at your photographs in an album without starting at a phone or laptop..... My kids and I sit down on the couch and inevitably our photo albums come out at least once a month to look at our memories... 


2. Wall Collections.

Heirloom Canvas which can warm your home with love, and showcase your memories.

Choose from Artistic Canvas or if you love frames, choose the Mounted Prints option.

With Mounted Print Collections starting at $250, there are plenty of options for every budget.


Gifts ideas for family members: 

These cute accordion books are the perfect gift for Grandma or Aunti! (shown below)


Are you someone who prints out loads of photographs from your phone and saves everything? What better place to store all those miscellaneous items than an heirloom, keepsake Storybox?  Featuring a metal print mounted onto a leatherette box, your precious memories will be keep for years...



Investing in heirloom art, jewlery & keepsake albums is the perfect way to ensure your photographs & your memories last forever!

Canvas Collections starting at $349 

Heirloom prints in boxed set starting at $350

a la carte mounted prints start at $130


You Just LOVE DIGITALS?! That's OK - Here's a Video of a custom box with your USB, holding all your high resolution digital files .. You have something tangible in your hands, and the USB with all the digital files for DYI printing.  

(& your kids can still find a box of old images from their childhood  in 50 years  !) 



Slideshows: Everyone sees a slideshow of their finished images!

Slideshows include ALL your digital images if you want to have them ALL as a memory, even if you ultimately end up with a canvas wall art collection but want digital copies of your images, but don't need the high resolution digital negatives.


Slideshows are included with all Collections or can be purchased individually. 

Other Products Offered by Alixandra Art & Photography include albums, archival print boxes, wooden prints, canvas prints & more.