A Mermaid Experience in Santa Cruz, California on local beaches. 

Capitola, California, Monterey and Big Sur are other fun places where I put on a Mermaid Photo Session Day during the summer. 

While the Mermaid tails are designed for swimming in water, Mermaids have also been known to sun themselves upon magical rocks and lay on the sand as the surf kisses their tails and the sun warms them. The feeling of the cold Pacific can be quite shocking, yet also energizing and magical. While a true Mermaid experience, does involve actual swimming and diving in water, for small children who may love Mermaids yet not be able to swim, this might be the next best thing!

Small children, preschool children, elementary aged, even babies can safely dress up as Mermaids on the Beach and still feel as though they have "transformed" into a Mermaid. Truly a Mermaid Experience is for all ages, though since this Mermaid Experience by Alixandra Art & Photography is more about taking photographs of YOU dressed as a Mermaid in order to create tranquil, ocean inspired Artwork & Photography featuring You and your kids, as Magical Mermaids of the Sea than actual swimming. 

At some point in the future, I do hope to also offer underwater Mermaid Experiences, where you can swim and be photographed, however currently the Mermaid On the Rocks Photo Sessions still allow you to feel a Mermaid Tail, still allow you to lay on the sand and be kissed by the Ocean as the surf comes in & experience that magical transformation . For a small child who can't swim, or a Mother who wants an unforgettable Memory for their child as a Mermaid or Merman, it makes for an unusual Conversation Starting Photograph / Piece of Original Artwork to hang in your home and a treasured moment of bliss with the sea.   Our Ocean in Santa Cruz is quite chilly when you dont have a wetsuit so I prefer whenever possible to swim in the warmer waters of Hawaii or farther South, however since I have chosen the Central California coast as my home, voila, now we have Mermaid On the Rocks from my Photo Studio. It is more exciting to dress in a Mermaid Tail in very close proximity, hear the waves crashing, feel the sand and be kissed by the water than to dress as a Mermaid in a basic Photo Studio.  When its cold, its certainly possible to do a Mermaid Photo Session in Studio Setting, sometimes those Mermaids sitting in a bathtub are quite cute!

You can get WET, but only if you want to.. if you don't, dont worry, plenty of Mermaids sit on the rocks and never even get Splashed...... 

The water in Northern California can be quite chilly..... ! I definitely recommend trying to time your Mermaid Photo Session with low tide. If you are an experienced swimmer, it can be quite fun to swim with a mono-fin. For a Mermaid Photo Session however, its more about posing on the rocks, looking fintastic, beautiful, glamorous and feeling magical! Don't forget about creating fun memories with your children!  

In this image below, this little girl was actually posing and being SILLY on the sand while pretending to be a Mermaid... There's a little bit of fun photoshop artwork happening here...

Lets get started on planning your Mermaid Photo Session at the beach !

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