Mother Daughter Mermaid Sessions were my most popular Mermaid Session last summer!  Mermaid Photo Sessions for your little ones to celebrate a birthday or mark milestones! I ended up with a bunch of matching beautiful Mother / child size Mermaid Tails with matching fabric, and even have 3 adorable baby tails for little ones under age 2! Capture precious Moments with your little one while they are still young! Sessions are on location at local Puget Sound area beaches & parks near you!  Sessions in Northern California - Santa Cruz & Sessions happening near Seattle Puget Sound are booking now! 



Dreamy Mermaid Photo Sessions are happening near you! 

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While sometimes as parents its all about the child, sometimes it can mean the WORLD for a child to have their mother dress up as a Mermaid along with them. It makes for a precious childhood memory, which includes mama! This can be great fun, and provides an enjoyable experience if you decided to rest in the waves as well!  Mother's Day moments can be Fintastic with a Mother Daughter Mermaid Photo Session!  Borrow one of my Studio Wardrobe Tails, Mermaid Princess Crowns, Seashell tops, or bring your own accessories. 

Experience the Ocean while playing Mermaid Make Believe with your child! Your baby will treasure this memory when he/she is older! Fun for Mom too! I have also partnered with a Make-Up Artist (DesignsbyDonnovan) who can provide make-up for little girls, think Magical Pearls around the eyes! She provides a Touch-Up and magical Mermaid Eyes for Mama Mermaids, IF you make it to one of my Mermaid Days....  (She's is also available for an Anytime Mermaid Session as well) ...

Undersea Original Mermaid Artwork on your Photographs is included on 5 of your images! 


Dreamy Mermaid Photo Sessions are happening near you! 

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My Matching Mother Daughter Mermaid Tails are exclusively designed by Mertailor, the famous Merman from Florida. His fabulous designs include many tail and scale patterns which cannot be found anywhere else.

If planning a Mother Daughter Session, get in touch with me early. Sometimes the purple tails get spoken for first, though I also have blue and green matching tails as well!


Mermaid Artwork is also available with your Mermaid Photo Session! Full Moon Daytime Dreams, magical reflection pools and more... 

Babies are so funny when they randomly point!  I like to add in funny edits such as jumping dolphins when I capture a baby pointing at imaginary things! (See Below)

Give your Daughter a Mermaid surprise she wont ever forget! 


Dreamy Mermaid Photo Sessions are happening near you! 

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Taking a vacation to Gig Harbor for the Summer? Add a Fintastic Mermaid Session onto your vacation memories! Visiting Vashon, Gig Harbor or Bainbridge Island for Spring Break or Summer Vacation? Be sure to get in touch with Alixandra Art & Photography Studios BEFORE your vacation! Mermaid Photo Sessions at Sunset, spots fill up very quickly! Get in touch as soon as you know you are wanting to plan a Mermaid Session, so that you can get on the Photography Shooting Schedule! (Deposit to hold your appointment is $50 which is put towards your Session) 


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We believe Mermaids are real in our hearts, here at Alixandra Art & Photography