Mermaid Artwork

In addition to hiring Alixandra Art & Photography to capture Mermaid Photos and create a fintastic Memory for you and your child at the beach, is that when you choose Alixandra Art & Photography Studio... you get the added bonus of working with an artist who has been creating art for 2 decades. Alix has created Art which has been licensed around the world in the form of greeting cards, puzzles, posters and more in over 20 different countries. While she makes her home, here on the central coast creating art for international clients, she enjoys capturing mermaids into her Fairytale at the beach right here in Santa Cruz.  Because in the heart of an Artist with a Mermaid soul, creative artistic passion surfaces during the photo editing process, thus lending itself to some artistic editing for one of a kind, Ocean Mermaid  Limited Edition artwork. Its more akin to commisioning an artist to create your portraits as the editing process for Mermaids takes on a life of its own. 


The half in the water undersea edit is a personal favorite.


The painted rock edit... This one is created from a combination of underwater images, Alix took in Hawaii, mixed with a beautiful hand painted sunset and rocks from Carmel, california. One of her limited edition edits, this is available to anyone who chooses to have Alixandra Art & Photography Studios create their Mermaid Portraits!

By Far the most popular Mermaid edit is the Sea Turtle Artwork. Alix has a child pose on a rock, and then later using Professional Digital Artist tools, puts your little Mermaid riding a Sea Turtle on an enchanting undersea journey....


Of course, if its a Mother / Daughter combo and your child is too little to swim, Alix can place you underwater in a fantasea world, without you ever getting a drop of water on you!


This one involves standing on a rock and pretending to swim in the air with your little one.... Also one of the most popular edits.

Art is the most important process to Alix when creating Mermaid Photo Portraits, having been an artist her entire life.



The splashy Splash edit is created from a mix of images and hand painted with splashes.. your child NEVER has to get wet for this one...


Babies always waves their hands around for no reason and its super funny.... Adding in stratetgically placed sea creatures is half the fun of making Mermaid Photos! 


Magical reflection pools and the daytime moon of dreams will often appear in Mermaid Photos...


and of course, nothing beats the perfect capture when a child is comfortable in the water and just lays on the sand as the sun is setting and we get photographs to treasure for a lifetime, and a Mermaid who has been "kissed by the sea"


If you'd like to schedule your Mermaid Photo Session to line up with you VACATION in Santa Cruz, get started planning today ! Mermaid Day can fill up quickly, though we can also schedule an anytime session if you would like the ultimate mermaid experience in Santa Cruz!









Mermaid! Mermaid Photo Sessions are booking now in Santa Cruz County, Monterey, Carmel and Bigt Sur. If you are planning a vacation to the California Coast, be sure to schedule a visit with The Mermaid Photographer of Santa Cruz to capture delightful mermaid memories that you will treasure for years to come..... 

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