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Welcome to Alix Art Photography 

Do you love Dreamy, Enchanted Magical scenes?

This photography studio is YOUR place for dreamy magical moments, where your real-life fairytales your children, loved ones & young-at-heart can be transformed into keepsake photographs! Styled Sessions for children & enchanted elven fairytale weddings, Rennaissance faire portraits, Fairy & Mermaid Photography. If you are seeking enchanted, whimsical, magical imagery and you want to capture your child's joy, innocence and magic, look like you have just stepped out of a Fantasy Fairytale storybook or a Peter Jackson, Lord of the Ring's movie then you have found the right photographer! On-Location Magical Fairy & Princess Photo Sessions in a real enchanted forest, or blooming flower garden so you and your kids can truly play make believe and dress-up during your Fairy or Mermaid Photo shoot in Washington or California. Are you secretly a Mermaid? Borrow a Mermaid Tail for your  On-Location Mermaid Photo Sessions at the water! Are you dreaming of an Ren Faire or Elven Fairytale Wedding, you have found the right artist!


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