Here are some tips to make your MERMAID session a success.


Be sure to tell your children ahead of time: MERMAIDS CANT WALK and it will be hard to move once you have turned into a Mermaid! . Talk about this with them before the photo session.


Its very helpful to have a designated Mermaid Carrier, (responsible adult) who can lift up your child (or you) as needed! You can scoot on the sand if needed.

What to Wear see below

Preparing for a Mermaid Session




Photographer provides Mermaid Tails & seashell tops, but preparing for what to wear underneath is very important! Please be sure to read detailed guide below!

#1: Adult Mermaids, We might get wet. Bring towels & a dry change of clothes, even if you don't plan on getting near the water.

#2. Child Mermaids also should bring towels.

Children under 4 do NOT usually get close to the water at all, unless a responsible adult is literally holding them. My photo sessions are  "dry / on land" sessions and small children are usually at least 6 feet from the water.  If over age 8, with adult guardian who can swim, you can lay on the sand near the waves with parental permission only.