Summer Mermaid Sessions for 2019!



Mermaid Sessions! Mermaid Sessions are happening all summer long in Santa Cruz!

October 6, 2019 Mermaid Photo Sessions Near Santa Cruz Beaches, Capitola / Pleasure Point Area, exact location emailed to you after booking  (After Tides & Sunset time checked for your date) .

This Photo Shoot includes: Styling as a Mermaid at the Beach, use of Studio Mermaid Tails, Studio Mermaid Crowns, Studio Mermaid Props, posing on rocks while the waves gently crash, laying on the warm sand, being kissed by the waves & listening to some magical seashells....


Limited Space Mermaid Date,Mother Daughter Mermaid Portraits & Siblings.

Tail choice / Tail color preference & time, first come first serve. Extremely limited amount of spots.

Fine Art Realm of Neptune Mermaid Art Edits, unique to Alixandra Art & Photography Studios, created by artist Alixandra Mullins  are included with EACH COLLECTION, how many is up to you, you only purchase what you love!  Choose Your Ideal Mermaid Collection Below! 

Mother Daughter Mermaid Sessions were my most popular Mermaid Session last summer!  I ended up with a bunch of matching beautiful Mother / child size Mermaid Tails with matching fabric, and even have 2 adorable baby tails for little ones under age 2!


Mermaid Sessions include styling for 1 mermaid OR  1 Mama Mermaid and 1 little Mermaid, or up to 3 siblings Mermaids -



Session Fee MERMAID STYLING   includes a 30 minute, or 60 minutes depending on which collection you choose for your  Mermaid Photo Session,   Mermaid Tails, Mermaid Crowns and Seashell tops for the Mermaid, for moms this means, You and your child, or for siblings Tails for up to 3 kids.  (or a Mama Mermaid with 2 little mermaids) The Session Fee covers the time & talent of the photographer to CREATE your images for your  Mermaid, flexible pricing is based on which collection you choose. Bundled Summer Mermaid Pricing Specials are listed below. Viewing/Ordering meeting, photography on-location,  bring all the props to our chosen outdoor location, set up professional on-location lighting. 

Session Fee Includes: Editing & Beauty retouching of your Session images which will be displayed in your Proofing / Viewing Gallery.Session Fee Includes: Preparation of 3 or more Fine Art Limited Edition Realm of Neptune Fine Art Mermaid edits, included and presented in your Viewing Gallery for additional choices. SEE PRICING BELOW to choose your collection.

While sometimes as parents its all about the child, sometimes it can mean the WORLD for a child to have their mother dress up as a Mermaid along with them. It makes for a precious childhood memory, which includes mama! This can be great fun, and provides an enjoyable experience if you decided to rest in the waves as well!

 (Retainer to hold your appointment is $50 which is put towards your Session / Collection, full amount will be invoiced via email) so you can ask questions or decide which collection is right for you. Mermaid Sessions fill up quickly for each date.



Experience the Ocean while playing Mermaid Make Believe with your child! Your baby will treasure this memory when he/she is older! Fun for Mom too! I have also partnered with a Make-Up Artist (DesignsbyDonnovan) who can provide make-up for little girls, think Magical Pearls around the eyes! She provides a Touch-Up and magical Mermaid Eyes for Mama Mermaids.

 (Retainer to hold your appointment is $50 which is put towards your Session, full amount will be invoiced via email)



My Matching Mother Daughter Mermaid Tails are exclusively designed by Mertailor, the famous Merman from Florida. His fabulous designs include many tail and scale patterns which cannot be found anywhere else. Please note these are the lighter-weight fabric tail designs, as the silicone tails are not available for children.


 (Retainer to hold your appointment is $50 which is put towards your Session, full amount will be invoiced via email)



Mermaid Artwork is also available with your Mermaid Photo Session! Full Moon Daytime Dreams, magical reflection pools and more... 


 (Retainer to hold your appointment is $50 which is put towards your Session, full amount will be invoiced via email)



Babies are so funny when they randomly point!  I like to add in funny edits such as jumping dolphins when I capture a baby pointing at imaginary things! (See Below)

Give your Daughter a Mermaid surprise she wont ever forget & treat yourself to a Mothers Day Moment of beauty, magic and glamour! 



 (Retainer to hold your appointment is $50 which is put towards your Session, full amount will be invoiced via email)




SUMMER MERMAID 2019 SPECIALS LISTED (Valid for Mermaid Sessions booked  from June 29- Oct.8, 2019) 







Start planning on your Mermaid Photo Session Today!  You can hold the spot for July 20 by clicking / purchasing the above ADD TO CART BUTTON. 

You can ask questions about a Mermaid Session by filling out my little form below. Stop thinking about it and get in touch ! Its super easy to Book a Mermaid Photo Sessions in Santa Cruz county Today !







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