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I've captured many family photographs over the years, from Families in forests, families posing, smiling at the beach, at waterfalls, over a big sur coastline. By far, the winner for the best Family Christmas Card, was when a Family asked to be posed as Mermaids, in all my mermaid tails. Husband was a surfer, so of course he just wore his wet suit, even though there ARE many male MERMEN in the world....


Dad in a wetsuit, holding child mermaid, Mermaid Mama with Mermaid Daughters, Mermaid babies, and now....  a Mermaid Family!!


Of course during your Mermaid Session, I always try to grab at least a few Parent child Mermaids, if anything for the Memory of the Mermaid Experience in Santa Cruz....  (Even if you don't want to dress up as a Mermaid or Merman...)


Capturing the kids together.... (a perfect memory of time well spent at the beach!)



Capturing all 3 kids together while they are young... Ok if one of them doesn't want to be a Mermaid..... he got turned into a Pirate....  (Ive got a 10 year old son, so there's quite a few Pirate outfits in different sizes at my Studio) Just ask me if you'd prefer a Pirate with your Mermaid Photos!




Yes, I have lots of Pirate Art around my Studio, if you need artwork from your photos complete with secret cave filled with treasure as part of your Mermaid Photo Shoot, includes a Pirate Photo Session, so be it.... (Just ask!) 

Of course, Mother Daughter Mermaid Sessions with matching crowns or matching Mermaid Tails! 

Lets get started today planning your Santa Cruz Vacation Mermaid Photo Session! Send me a message below to get into my Photo Studio system and we will schedule a phone call to talk about what sort of Mermaid you and your family are! 

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We believe Mermaids are real, especially since we see them all the time here at the beach! -Alixandra Art & Photography