Now offering Mermaid Maternity Photo Sessions on local Santa Cruz Beaches!

Ive got a Tail that is just perfect for expecting mamas! We can time your Mermaid Maternity Session for exactly when you are ready in your pregnancy! For many woman, I capture Maternity photos in a fantastic gown, with trails of fabric blowing in the wind and their belly perfectly silhouetted by the sunset... For a few select Mermaid souls, Ive been asked to create Mermaid Maternity Photographs. When you are drawn to the sea, and feel the Mermaid Spirit in your heart, nothing is more magical than laying in the sand, being kissed by the cool ocean waves as the sun is setting a fantastic shade of pink and purple behind you! Capturing Mermaid Maternity photographs is quite a magical experience. 

The feeling of the water shocking over your skin, as a new life kicks inside of your round belly, with the golden moon in the sky can be one of those experiences that you remember deep in your soul for a very long time, even after your baby has been born. Pregnant with hopes, dreams, expectations and your heart, for what you want for your child. Posing as a Mermaid on the beach can be a rejeuvenating and relaxing experience. Mermaid Magic while pregnant can be quite positive for a Mama to be ! 

Get in touch early in your pregnancy, as my Mermaid Sessions fill up quickly and you want it to be perfectly timed with your pregnancy if you want to become a Magical Maternity Mermaid with a Mermaid Photo Session in Santa Cruz, California! 

Mermaid Maternity Artwork Underwater is also available to you during your Mermaid Photo Session! Alix is an internationally published Artist, with art created for Puzzles in over 20+ countries around the world! She has a Greeting Card Collection published through Leanin Tree, and ADORES creating MERMAID ART along with the Mermaid Photo Shoots!



Be sure to get in touch with me EARLY in your Pregnancy! Mermaid Sessions at Sunset book up quickly, especially if you want to time it for the perfect time to capture Maternity Photos in your Pregnancy!