Capture unforgettable childhood memories with Limited Edition:

Magical Forest Fairytale Princess & Storybook Photo Sessions 2023

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Wander through the woods

photograph outside under real trees & your child (& you)

will be immersed in a make-believe moment...


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 These are photographs you will treasure for a lifetime. Your babies keep growing, year by year so grab those memories while you can! These Photo Sessions are fun and filled with Play and Make-Believe in the woods, wander through the trees! Photographed on-location in various outdoor park and garden locations, dress up as Princess, a Fairy & more. Much more fun than an indoor studio-session & immersive make-believe experience during your session! 


Access the full Studio Wardrobe of

Matching Mother Daughter Dresses & gowns, when you book!

** Choose your gown ahead of time  first come first served for gown choices during mini sessions 



This includes the gowns shown

in AlixArtPhotography's Studio Photographs;

choice of Fairy Wings, Flower Crowns & more magical props

are available for Your Fairytale Photo Session!

Just a few spots left!



Do you want a Unicorn or Dragon edited into one of your Fairytale images?

No problem! Just Ask for the Unicorn Fairy Magic special!  Its included, even on Limited Edition Mini-Sessions!


Dragon Photo Artwork is also available for your Session! Ask for the "Dragon Magic Special" when we are discussing plans and art for your photo session.




Creating Fairytale Magic & Photographing Sessions in Puget Sound Washington Area, Northern California & Lake Tahoe Area



~Alixandra Art & Photography Studio is a small artist-owned  business ~ previously located in Northern California, now located and offering Sessions in Gig Harbor, Seattle & Tacoma area of Washington. Roanoke, Virgina in Summer 2023,  You may still book a Session in Santa Cruz, Alix is shooting in Nor California 4x a year.

*Also if you Book with me, you will have (Alix) photographing your Session, not a different "certified" photographer which is very common with larger studios.

All the work on this site is 100% created by Alix


" My daughter just surprised me with the photos you took of her and my granddaughter. I have to say they are STUNNING! They are my prized possessions. Thank you so much for the obvious love you put into your photos. You are AMAZING!" - Tonya Giovacchini


When you hire Alixandra Art & Photography Studios to create you or your child's portrait, you are getting more than just a Photoshoot, you are getting Fine Art edits, world class Premium Art Image editing & Fairytale Art mixed with your personal photographs to create unique, timeless images.  

Something tangible comes with every Collection!

Choose from Prints, Albums & more!


You are guaranteed 100% Transparent Pricing

from the moment you book with Alix Art Studios.  


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Just a few spots left!


**There are no financial surprises**
~ no confusion with a lower session fee, that turns into something else unexpected later, choose your collection that fits your budget, upfront. ~


With Alixandra Art & Photography Studios, when Booking, choose your Image Collection upfront, know the costs for planning purposes ahead of time & choose your time to book, no waiting for exclusive invitations & secret price lists later and dealing with disappointed children.  


When you book a Fantasy Photo-Sessions it includes:


1) Your Memories captured of a moment when your kids were little


2) Based on which collection you choose, included at least (3 poses of 8x10 prints!


3) Use of Magical Studio Props in a real world garden or woodsy setting


4) Your child will be able to do all the signature Magical Poses by the Artist


5.) For your Session, there is included dress rental! Shoose from available gowns / wardrobe to utilize during your Photo-Shoot. Gowns are valued and retail between $150-$400  


6.) Use of realistic Transluscent Fairy Wings for the Photo-Shoot. 


7.) Use of Floral crowns and other accessories.


8.) Dreamy music during your photo session which contributes to a magical moment of make-believe while photographs are being created, allowing for a more immersive experience and play.


9.) All Sessions include at least 3 Magical Artwork Edits to Photographer's favorites in your viewing gallery, which means Dragons, Unicorns, Butterflies or other requested fantasy creatures can be added into your photographs. (no extra charge for artwork)


10.) Fully Transparent Pricing, before your Photo-shoot so there are no surprises. Choose your collection ahead of time for budgeting purposes, yet have the option to add on additional poses later.





Just a few spots left!















Mermaids, Pirates, Wizards & Unicorns can all come to life for your Portrait Session!




Pink RainPink RainHummingbird with pink flowers, dewdrops and bubbles, fantasy styling, garden florals


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