Choosing your Location & Options.

For Fairytale Sessions - There are alot of options. 

(Due to the Pandemic, some options are limited) . I am currently avoiding beach locations due to crowds, and recommending forest park settings where there are less people, and park rangers. 


#1)  My favorite location for magical trees:   There is a small redwood grove where you can sit under the tree on a redwood root bench and creek & a really easy to climb tree. Easily accessible by car and very short walk. (Santa Cruz South County) This park has no parking fee & is free to enter.

Sample Photographs from this location:






A Photo Album of a Session from this location:


#2 My favorite location that looks like a castle:

(This is Santa Clara County near Gilroy by highway 152) This location is amazing, there is a short walk, (about 10 minutes) which a trail wagon can be pulled on. Bug Spray and sturdy shoes recommended. Usually there aren't very many people here. There is a $10 cost to enter the park. 




#3. Location for secluded Mermaids away from the beach . This involves a hike that lasts 15 minutes and recommended for kids over age 8 due to the hike. Gorgeous Creeks and Redwood Forest. (Santa Cruz South County Location)


#4. Forest Adventure Hike, with large trees. Good for older kids, not recommended for kids under age 5. Huge Tree stumps and giant boulders by a creek.    (South Santa Cruz County) Hike and State Park Fee is $10 





#5 Fairytale Enchanted Forest Location Private Property - This location is one of my favorites, however its on private property and I only get to photograph on it 1 or 2 times a year for special fairytale events. Has an amazing tree stump that kids can climb inside of.