IN addition to Classic Family Family Portrait Sessions, I also offer, Creative Fantasy Storytelling Family Sessions, for the Family who wants the most unique conversation piece hanging on their wall and the most unique holiday card possible. I love it when families have unique, creative ideas for their family portrait & need an artist who can create a unique, fantasy inspired piece of art.   


Remember warmth, togetherness & joy when you display your memories with

Family Portraiture Art Wall Collections for your home. 


Capture all your children in one unique photograph! 


Invest in remembering your Family's special stages of life with a uniquefamily portrait at the beach or other outdoor location.  Your kids are only young once! Capture the memories & the relationship dynamics now

 Individual shots of your children are still possible in a "Storytelling Family Sessions" , and all sort of different combinations of Mom & Baby, Dad & Sons, Couples, all siblings together, etc. are ALL available to happen during your Children & Family Session. We will discuss any and all children's portraits and all relationship dynamics you would like incorporated into your photo session, including any sensitivities for blended families during your complimentary pre-planning session. 

  Choose your theme, and have a conversation with me to see if its possible. Anything is possible.....



Specializing in creating keepsake albums & heirloom portraiture wall art of your family & children to decorate & warm your house  with a smile every time you look at it. 

Storytelling Family Sessions, for a family who loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, or likes to go to the Rennaisance Fair or attend ComicCon, get in touch today and we can talk about your unique family storytelling art portrait. 

Storybook Family Sessions are a timeless way to capture a memory!


Natural, spontaneous emotions with a focus on body language to capture the most genuine emotion. Now, there is some posing happening, loosely with my Posing techniques, there's also jumping, splashing, dancing and wrestling in the sand in order to  truly capture and portray the emotional connection you have with your family.  

Professional, on-location beauty lighting for every session. I want your family & children to look bright, healthy and radiantly alive. I do strive to capture the right angle with the correct lighting that will focus on your beauty.



I have worked as a professional visual artist since 1995, where my visual eye for composition in creating artwork for various uses has been highly trained. My college training includes a Degree in visual design, as well as professional lighting for Photographic & Videography, Digital Media. Being a visual artist is my Main Profession & has been my main focus for years.  I got my first DSLR as a highschool graduation gift before digital cameras were invented and you had to process film for your images. 



What could make a home more cozy & filled with warmth than a family portrait hanging in your living room, (three family portraits hanging in your living room...) I offer wall collections with heirloom canvas, metallic image blocks, mounted prints for framing & more.   


If you have young children,  don't worry about them behaving and jumping around for your portraits, that's part of the process! From splashing, jumping, climbing trees to cartwheels on the beach, capturing your children in an element of joy is just as important as the must-have family shot.. 




 For Family Sessions,  dealing with young children, getting them to relax and smile is part of the process.  (Don't be surprised if a cute furry monkey or stuff bear is attached to my camera lens) 

My children & family sessions typically last from 45-90 minutes depending on the kids. I generally shoot until we get the shot I'm looking for. I never schedule back to back, so we have the luxury of time to wait for the perfect expression of a moody three year old if needed. 

professional lighting, posing and a skilled visual artist to compose and arrange your family and

On-site Make-up artist DesignsbyDonnovan also available for your shoot  - Her work here


Homes filled with portraits of their ancestral family tree give their dwellers a deep connection to the past.  In my family,  grandma has a hallway filled with our family photographs which  showcase our history. Photographs will last well beyond our lifetime. Printed photographs will stand the test of time & can’t be deleted, erase or crash. Create precious heirlooms for your family of times worth keeping. & days gone by so you can look back one day, and remember when they were little. That time is now.... 8312273592 


Want to start planning your photo session?













Reserve your session today! 831 227 3592 

* Once you have seen the photographs from your family session you can then choose from a cherished, heirloom wall art piece, boxed folio prints or a printed album depending on your goals, please note this is an additional cost of your choice.  (please note, portrait sessions include pre planning consultation on clothes, backgrounds and settings, shooting,  lighting & posing / props for 2 hours, and additional time 5-10 hours of post processing & retouching for your images & adding additional artwork to create the best possible finished digital photographic negative files)

* high resolution digital negative photographic files are not included as part of the session and are purchased separately, though with my top Wall Art Collections you do receive a beautiful, set to music digital slideshow you can share right away with family and friends. FB images may be requested as part of your final package .



Products offered by Alixandra Art & Photography:


About  the photographer:

Alix is an Award Winning Photographer & also an Internationally Published, Licensed Artist with photographic art on various puzzles & posters in 10+ different countries across the globe. She turned her attention to creating family portraiture in addition to her fine art collections, after having three children and discovering the joys of capturing emotion with a camera from a dancing two year old dressed as a fairy. 


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