Available Studio Wardrobe for use in Fairy / Fairytale Photo Sessions for children and adults in Northern California area.

Updated for COVD 19 - August 2020. You will choose your dress before Photo Session, Dress is cleaned, then will placed in plastic sealed dress bag until your shoot, you will unwrap it, dress your child and replace into dress after the shoot .You may choose to bring your own gown instead if you'd like and simply "borrow" Fairy Wings or head pieces if desired. 

All Photo Sessions include use of wardrobe, such as a dress, optional fairy wings and head crown, either metal or faux florals. Fresh Floral head pieces can be ordered through a florist at your request as well.


Pink Tutu Dress Fits ages 6-18 months  

Pink Cupcake Dress  (left)Size XS fits ages 6m -18m               Purple Royal tutu (right)Size S fits ages: 3-6   


Blue Pink Flower Dress -Size M  Fits Age 4-6 





Pink & White tutu - Size M Fits age 6-8



Pink & Green Ribbon Tutu

Size M Fits size 6-8



Purple Velvet Flower Tutu

Size M Fits 5-8



Purple Sparkle Tutu 

Ideal for siblings - Available in size S & M

2 dresses available



Purple Florals turquoise Feather Gowns

Ideal for siblings - Available in size S & M

2 dresses available


Blue & Pink Long Gown

Size M Fits Age 6-8



Purple Dream Fairy Gown 

Ideal for siblings - Available in size S & M & L

3 dresses available


White Winter Unicorn Sparkle Gown

Size S fits: ages 4-6

Pink Striped Fairy Gown (fits child age 3-5)

Pink Ruffle Gown  Size S, Fits age 3-6             Pink Floral Burgundy Size S Fits age 3-6



Aqua Fairy Gown

Size S Fits Ages: 3-6


Turqoise Aqua Winter Fairy Ballerina

Size XS Fits: Age 2-4

"Alice" Gown

Size S Fits ages 3-6



"Tinkerbell" Disney Dress

Size M fits ages 4-6

Bright Hot Pink Flower Gown

Size M Fits: Ages 3-6 


Ivory Pink Flower Gown 

Size M Fits: Ages 3-6 


Rose Pink Flower Gown

Size L Fits Ages 8-11


Baby Purple Fairy Dress

Size: XXS  Fits 3-12 months


White Ice Princess Winter Ballerina Fairy

Size XS fits ages 3-6


Ice Princess 

Size M fits ages: 4-7


The  Fall Fairy Gown Size S  ages 3-5 (left)               Fall Fairy Gown Size M  fits ages 5-8

  ideal for siblings 


I am always adding dresses to this collection

Dresses for Teens and Adults are available but I havn't yet put up on this page!


You may ALWAYS bring your own gown if desired! 


(Cleaning Fees between $5-$15 may apply depending on dress)