Fall:  Fall Fairy Day  (The Fall Fairy, the Harvest Princess & babies standing pumpkins)

Winter: Ice Fairy Day - Snow Queens & Ice crystal Fairies

Spring: Spring Flower Fairies The story of the Spring Fairy

Summer: The Mermaid's Tail. 

Portraits to indulge the imagination with your child .

One of the most unusual, unique & creative gifts you can give the special child in your life. 




Encouraging lifelong imagination & a passion for reading!

Bringing you Fairytale Storybook Portraits for 2016  - fully customized to your special child with their own image, name & a 20 page fully illustrated keepsake Fairytale Storybook. Studies show when children see portraits of themselves on the wall that it increases their self-esteem. When they read a storybook about themselves it creates a permanent sense of wonder about the world. Seeing portraits of themselves within a magical storybook, a priceless emotional connection & desire to read ignites into a lifelong journey of reading & discovery.








What is the Fairytale Storybook Experience ?

First the special child (or children/siblings too) of your choice is photographed in the clothing / dress up clothes / costume of their favorite storybook characters in a  1 hour custom photography session, where they play, talk about & pretend to be their favorite character in front of the camera. (yes movie story characters welcome also), Once your child is photographed, their image is enhanced through digital compositing into a landscape inspired by their chosen character. The resulting finished artwork contains all the custom details of an image of the child in a storybook setting.  This custom photographic artwork is then created with printing on fine photographic papers & canvas of your choosing through the artist's exclusive professional photography partner labs.  The wall portrait for your child is created based on your specifications with upgrades available for framing, texture & more. Next, the artwork containing the custom image of your child is woven into a fully customized creatively written Fairytale with your child's name & other story-related details.  The 20 page premium Storybook weaves its tale through full color illustrations of various enchanting fairytale princesses, heroes, wild animals, your child & other magical places. Your Special child receives wall art reminding them always of their special place in their imagination, as well as the storybook which can be read, time and time again for your Story-time bedtime moments.

Each Custom Storybook is slightly different & stories can also accommodate siblings within the same book.

personalized children's picture books


(please note: you may utilize some of our studio children's costuming, OR you may provide your own - details worked out in initial pre-shoot consultation)

Something Fun for your house or their bedroom!



1 hour+ Portrait Session with posing, lighting, custom artwork from highly trained Portrait Artist Children's Photographer, In stylized character specific dress-up clothes we will re-create a literary or movie character with your child, (fully customized photographic editing & artwork compositing) includes 1 finished (8x10 mounted artist print) ,

optional ADD on is a  customized with your child's name, photography, artwork & 20 page artist Fairytale Storybook (size 6x6 or 8x8 or larger)

Session Creative Fee - $150  (1/2 hour) -$200 ( 1 hour)  

Print & Canvas wall Collections  start at: $299 -  Photographic Portraiture Collections & Storybook upgrades available. 


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