Model Call 2016

Thank you so much for your interest!

Current Needs for Photography Models: Fairytale, Storybook Project

Teens: age 12-16

Girls: age 7-10

involves:  various dresses / capes (fancy couture styled dresses, mermaid tails, other fairytale inspired costuming depending on character), professional make-up artist for some of the shoots

Must reside in or nearby to Santa Cruz County 

To be considered, Please mention which fairytale character you may look like, & email 3 photos (do not have to be professional quality)  to: 

Holding Butterfly DreamsHolding Butterfly Dreamsshe held magic in her hands


  Dream MermaidDream MermaidMermaid Portraits on the rocks in Capitola, California   CinderellaFairytale Storybook Images by AlixArtPhotography

Currently searching for:

Snow Queen   / Queen Elsa - (needs long, thick blonde hair)

Anna  (from Frozen)  (needs long natural red hair) 

Little Red Riding Hood 

Alice  (though the looking glass)

Mermaid Siren

Pirate Maiden


Snow White




Professional Modeling Experience is appreciated, but not required.

Library Adventures in ReadingLibrary Adventures in Readingbooks come to life in an enchanted library created with photographic realism


About Alix: 

Alixandra Mullins is an internationally published, licensed,  award winning artist & photographer.  Alix specializes in creating unique, custom fine art portraits with stylized, whimiscal shoots to achieve her unique vision.  

This page is to answer any questions regarding my upcoming shoots

What's it all about?

2016, I am currently working on a storybook project for a book. 


I have specific creative ideas that I need to execute for art projects I am working on. 

These are projects for the publishing/licensing industry.

I have created artwork for greeting cards, posters, puzzles & more for over ten years.

 If you are curious about that side of my business; (you can see much of that work at my other website:  . )  I also run a portrait studio  (AlixArtPhotography ) - which is the website you are on .



(above are some of my publishing partner samples)


Question: Is this a trade for a free shoot? or a paid modeling gig?

Answer:    No. I need  models for specific ideas for an image I am creating with the intention of using for upcoming publishing projects I am working on. Though,you do receive a complimentary session, it's not anything like my regular sessions in which the client gets to make all her creative desires known, though I do try to be flexible for a few wishes. Professional models with experience may be paid DOE. 

Question: So I get a complimentary  session?

Answer: No, Not exactly; While I do regular portrait session, I generally charge $ for  portrait sessions; during this time clients / parents get to tell me their wants & preferences, choose all their outfits and stylings, (as in I want my daughter wearing this in front of the ocean.. , I want to wear XYZ,  - This is not the case. For my fine Art projects &  modeling call; I am working towards a specific theme & idea for the images I need & props, clothing, styling & scenery will reflect as such. You do, get a Session, but it's more limited in the sense I am focused on getting the ideal shot for the project (which has been pre-planned) & not generally taking other photographs 

Questions: do I get to keep all the images from the shoot?

Answer: No. You will get 1 complimentary (8x10) high quality mounted metallic printed professional image of the art that I produce as part of the project & one social media image of the same art image.  Possible free copy of calendar once produced.  Professional models / character actors may get  headshot sheets (which is a $200 session / $150 artwork + print $130 a total $480 value complimentary for  participation+ as a model in the project).

Question:Can I have all the digital files from the shoot? 

Answer: No. You will get 1 complimentary (8x10) printed image of the art that I produce as part of the project & one social media image of the same art image.  Possible free copy of calendar once produced.

Professional models / character actors may get  headshot sheets (which is a $200 session / $150 artwork + print $130 a total $480 value complimentary for  participation+ as a model in the project).

Question: Will I have access to the photos you take afterwards ? I will show you my favorites and the finished artwork.  The rest of the images I take will be available to your family, however at my regular studio prices. (I specialize in 16 x 20 canvas wall art) 

Question: What if I want to use the images you take?

Answer: Models get one complimentary 8x10 print as part of TFP (trade for Print) , though  though additional images can be purchased at my regular studio prices.

Question: What if I want specific photos for my modeling portfolio?

Answer: Please communicate what your needs are, sometimes this is possible for professional models / actors -   headshot sheets for professional models & actors are available at TFP prices depending

The copyright of the images will be owned by Alixandra Mullins Art & Photography & you will need to sign a full release authorization, before the photos are taken.  Taking photos during a session with iphone, or other camera is strictly prohibited. 



any additional questions please feel free to email me using the above contact button