Fairy Photo SessionsFairytale Photography Sessions, Photo Shoots in Northern California, Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, South San Francisco by photography studio, Alixandra Art & Photography  Fairytale Sessions

A whimsical Fairytale Photo Session which includes costuming/styling dress up with magical, enchanted themes straight from a Fairytale... Children's Whimsical Fairytale Photo Shoot, or Adults Fairytale Styled Photo Shoot. A Magical Photo Shoot where you / your children can dress up as princesses, fairies & more. 

Life can be busy especially if you have children! Fairytale Sessions can be scheduled to fit within your schedule, especially if you are coming from out of town. 



Ideal if you cannot make one of my promotional Fairytale Days but still want beautiful fairytale magical artwork of fairies, mermaids or another fairytale story idea, of you & your children. We can schedule the Anytime Fairytale Session at great locations which are  sometimes unavailable during my Fairytale Events and we can schedule them a little more to fit your schedule and sometimes closer to your area   (Bay Area Families) .

Spring Fairy Owl JourneySpring Fairy Owl JourneyA small fairy wearing a crown riding atop an owl in the forest with sun setting behind them and magical sparkles, photo-realistic.  


Just like my Fairy Day or Mermaid Day Photo Shoots. except longer and scheduled when you need.

You still have access to Studio Wardrobe, Props & Professional Lighting On-Location. 

Rather than the shorts 30 minute session from Fairy Day / Mermaid Day, we have a little longer which allows for children to truly experience the imaginative play of dressing as an enchanted creature from a magical realm such as a fairy, a princess, knight, or mermaid.

Mother Daughter Fairy Tale Images



Cost of Creative Collections start at $399- which is 45-60 minute session , includes:   3 8x10 prints with 3 matching 8x10 digitals and 3 fairytale artwork edits, includes your Sitting fee ($125) which  covers time & talent of photographer the custom artwork editing included  as part of the total $399 collection, also includes  use of studio dress wardrobe. Once your photographs are done, they go through an extensive artwork editing process which involves color painting, extra magical sparkles, adding in fairytale animals such as unicorns  and other little bits of magic. Siblings can be photographed together in one session, siblings additional fee per sibling is $25.


The Studio asks that you choose 1 theme for your photo session, (princess, fairy, dragon, unicorn for artwork) . If requesting different themes, additional artwork charges will apply.   (A dragon photo session, is edited differently than a mermaid photo session)


If you are interested in finding out more about a Whimsical Enchanted Fairytale Session and detailed PRICING info for you or your children, please fill out the below form and I will get in touch with you shortly!