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About Mermaid Photo Sessions:

Mermaid Photo Sessions at the Beach in Santa Cruz, Monterey & Big Sur from a professional photographer artist with 10+ years photographic experience, you've reached the website of  The Santa Cruz Mermaid Photographer, a creative free-spirited mermaid living in Santa Cruz, internationally published artist & The Fairytale Photographer of Northern California, making Fairytale & Mermaid Dreams come true for your Happily Ever After Memories for professional children portrait photography!


A whimsical Mermaid Photo Session which includes costuming/styling dress up with magical, enchanted themes straight from a Fairytale... Children's Whimsical Mermaid Photo Shoot, or Adults Mermaid Styled Photo Shoot. A Magical Photo Shoot where you / your children can dress up as Mermaids or Merman from the sea.

Life can be busy especially if you have children! Anytime Mermaid Sessions are scheduled to fit within your schedule.  I put on a Mermaid Day a few times during the summer, which involves bringing ALL my tails down to the beach for lots of Mermaid Fun! If you miss one of my Mermaid Photo Days, dont worry, you can still book a Mermaid Session around your vacation to Santa Cruz. Many people choose to take their vacation in Santa Cruz and book a Mermaid Session at the beach in Capitola or Santa Cruz to schedule into their time at the coast.

Mother Daughter Mermaid Photo Shoots are the best! Your child & you have a fantastic Mermaid Experience & an amazing photographic Mermaid Memory to treasure FOREVER! Alixandra Art & Photography Studios has a collection of Mermaid Tails from the best Mermaid tailors around, with tails for babies, tails for teens, tails for kids and even a Tail which will fit for a Mermaid Maternity Photo Shoot! Matching Mother Daughter Mermaid Tails make for the most special kind of memory and one that your little girl will cherish in her heart for decades!  

  Underwater Artwork complete with Whales and dolphins!Little Mermaids dont always swim that well, however we can always put in an underwater artwork edit on your Mermaid Memory Photo Session by adding in orcas, dolphins, turtles and whales to your images (post production) ! You don't even need to get wet for these fantastic underwater artwork mermaid memory photos!

Ideal if you cannot make one of my promotional  Mermaid Photo Shoot Days but still want beautiful mermaid magical artwork  or another ocean mer creature story idea, of you & your children. We can schedule the Anytime Mermaid Session at great locations which are  sometimes unavailable during my Fairytale & Mermaid Events and we can schedule them a little more to fit your schedule and sometimes closer to your area   (Bay Area Families) . Mermaid Photo Sessions are photographed at the beach, though they can also be scheduled at a river or lake, sometimes a pool. (Travel fees may apply outside of Santa Cruz / Monterey counties ) Please Note: These are Mermaid on the Rocks, photo sessions and you will be photographed above water, next to water, but not in the water. Underwater Swimming Mermaid Sessions are not offered at this time. The Studio can create artwork to make it appear you are swimming underwater, however you will be photographed "on land".

All Mermaid Photo Sessions are offered in the Northern California area, close to Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz Area, south of San Francisco Bay Area Beaches. Offering Children's Mermaid Photo Shoots, Mermaid Maternity Photo Shoots, Mermaid Mama & Baby Mermaid Photo Sessions and Trident Merman King of the Sea Photo Sessions. 


  Just like my Mermaid Day Photo Shoots. except longer and scheduled when you need.

You still have access to Studio Wardrobe, Props & Professional Lighting On-Location. Which includes exclusive Mermaid Tails designed by The Mertailor, handmaid seashell crowns, seashell props & custom Mermaid Artwork, magical embellishments designed by artist Alixandra Mullins.

Mermaid Photo Sessions are for all ages! Young at Heart, moms, kids, babies, Merman, and even grandma Mermaids! All that's required is a wish, to become a mermaid, for just a little while.... 

Rather than the shorts 30 minute session from Fairy Day / Mermaid Day, we have a little longer which allows for children to truly experience the imaginative play of dressing as an enchanted creature from a magical realm such as a fairy, a princess, knight, or mermaid. Beach Mermaid Sessions are usually photographed in the late afternoon, generally right before the sunset for picture perfect golden hour lighting on the beach.

Cost of Creative Collections start at $399- which is 45-60 minute session , includes:   3 8x10 prints with 3 matching 8x10 digitals and 3 fairytale artwork edits, includes your Sitting fee ($125) which  covers time & talent of photographer the custom artwork editing included  as part of the total $399 collection, also includes  use of studio dress wardrobe. Once your photographs are done, they go through an extensive artwork editing process which involves color painting, extra magical sparkles, adding in magical sea creatures such as narwals, turtles, orcas, dolphins and   and other little bits of magic. You can choose to add on additional prints and poses later if you'd like. Siblings can be photographed together in one session, siblings additional fee per sibling is $25.

Photographer with 15+ years of photographic experience and on-location lighting, means, if you go through the process of putting on a mermaid tail and getting all Mermaid ready, be certain of the results! Rain,or shine, sunny or cloudy, with professional photographic on-location lighting, you can be certain of getting great results! 


The Studio asks that you choose 1 theme for your photo session, (Dolphin, Sea Dragon etc.) . If requesting different themes, additional artwork charges will apply.  


If you are interested in finding out more about a Whimsical Enchanted Mermaid Photo Sessions for you or your children, please fill out the below form and I will get in touch with you shortly! 
















Mommy Baby Mermaid Photo ShootEnchanted Ocean Artwork by artist Alixandra Mullins When your baby wont look at the camera, and wave's their hands around, magical dolphins will appear in your artwork... Photographed with Matching Mother Daughter Mertailor Mermaid Tails, what could be sweeter... Mama MermaidMermaid Mother & child at the beach