Dance School Photography Registration Page for PETITE Agape Dancers Dec. 14, 2019


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Please email studio at: 

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Late Registrations will be accommodated only as time allows (for Boulder Creek Petite Dancers, between 11am-12pm & Scotts Valley/Aptos, West Side/Pleasure Point at Aptos Agape Studio Location from between 3:00pm-400pm

***If you late register for photos at the Aptos location, please text 8312273592 so we know  & can wait for you ***

Please DOUBLE Check   Your Final Schedule Photo Time below



Photography Schedule for December 14, 2019 at Aptos Studio Location:

Class Photo Times LISTED BELOW with Individual Ballerina Portrait photos immediately following

Aptos Petites - Class: Sat 10:15 am 5/6/7 teacher: Katherin Andrew CONFIRMED Photo time: 10:50 AM

Aptos Petites Class: Wednesday Meredith 3:30 CONFIRMED Photo time11:30 

Aptos Petites Class: Wednesday Meredith 2:30 CONFIRMED  Photo time: 11:50 

Aptos Petites- Class: Mon. 3/4 11:15 am . teacher:.Meredith CONFIRMED  Photo time: 11:55
Aptos Petites-Class: Thurs. 9:00 am 3/4 teacher: Miss Meredith CONFIRMED Photo time: 12: 30

Scotts Valley Petites Class: Mon. 3/4 3:30 pm teacher: Meredith  CONFIRMED Photo time: 1:05

Scotts Valley Petites Class: Mon. 5/6/7 5:00 pm .Meredith  - CONFIRMED Photo time: 1:15 pm

Scotts Valley Petites Class: bal/tap Mon. 5/6/7 4:15 pm :Meredith CONFIRMED  Photo time: 2:00

Scotts Valley Petites bal/tap Class: Fri. 3/4 10:30am teacher: Miss.Meredith  - CONFIRMED Class Photo time: 2:15 

Scotts Valley Petites Class: Wed. 3/4 2:30pm  . teacher:  Shannoah Pitts -CONFIRMED Class Photo time: 2:25
Pleasure Point Petites: tues  4:15pm  teacher: S CONFIRMED Class Photo time: 2:35

Pleasure Point Petites: Class: Thur 5/6/7 3:30pm teacher: Meredith - CONFIRMED Class Photo time: 2:45

Pleasure Point Petites: Class: Wed 10am  teacher:  - CONFIRMED Class Photo time: 2:55

BOULDER CREEK DANCERS WILL BE PHOTOGRAPHED AT LOCATION by Associate Photographer in San Lorenzo Valley  /Boulder Creek park and rec area Saturday classes. MUST be pre-registered !  Photographer Associate Studio will be on-location at Boulder Creek Rec Center 

Boulder Creek Petites Class:  Mon 12pm 3/4/5 teacher:  - LOCATION: Boulder Creek Rec  CONFIRMED Class Photo time: 11 am  
Boulder Creek Petites -Class: Thur 4:45 pm 3/4/5 teacher:  LOCATION IN SLV TBA
- Class Photo time: 11:15
Boulder Creek Petites -Class: Fri 10:00 am 3/4/5 teacher:   LOCATION IN SLV TBA



IF you are a LATE REGISTRATION , or your class is listed below- You may come with your dancer between 3:00  - 4 pm  for individual ballerina portraits 

***If you late register for photos at the Aptos location, please text 8312273592 so we know  & can wait for you - DO NOT TEXT FOR BOULDER CREEK ***

Scotts Valley Petites Class: Thur. 3/4 10:45 am . teacher:  Miss.Meredith TENTATIVE Class Photo time:

Scotts Valley Petites Class: Sat Petite Elite 9am      teacher:  Melanie - TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 3:00

Pleasure Point Petites: thur  ballet 3/4 9:30 am  teacher: Shannoah Pitts TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 3:10
Aptos Petites- Class: Wed 2/3 10:30 am teacher: Miss Meredith - TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 3:20

Scotts Valley Mommy & Me 11:30 am -  Miss Meredith -TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 3:30

Pleasure Point Petites: Wed Mommy & Me 9:30 am  Miss Meredith - Class Photo time: Class Photo time: 4:35

Aptos Petites - Class: Sat 9:15 am 3/4 teacher: Katherine Andrew   TENTATIVE Class Photo time:  after 3:45

Pleasure Point Petites:  Wednesday 9:15 am  teacher: Meredith  TENTATIVE Photo time 3:50
Aptos Petites- Class: Mon. 3/4 10:30 am . teacher:.Meredith TENTATIVE Photo time: 4:00

Scotts Valley Petites Class: bal/tap Mon. /6/7 5:45 pm teacher: Meredith TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 4:10

West Side Petites  Class: Sat 10:30 am 3/4 teacher:   - TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 4:15

West Side Petites  Class: Mon 5/6/7 3:15pm teacher:  TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 4:20

West Side Petites  Class: Thur 3:15pm teacher:   - TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 4:35

West Side Petites  Class: Fri 10am teacher:   -TENTATIVE Class Photo time: 4:40






Level 1 & up dancers with Petite Siblings may come at class time of Petite Dancer with Pre-REGISTRATION ONLY , Also, Grande Cinderella Dancers may ONLY come for photos IF that doesn't conflict with their rehearsal schedule for Cinderella. Rehearsals need to remain first priority



Pictured above: Nutcracker CLASS PHOTOS OFFICIAL Nutcracker Dance Portraits 

Pictured below: Petite Swan Lake photos from last Spring Class Photo Day


(Photos from last Spring Petitie Swan Production pictured above)


(Group photos from last Spring Petitie Swan Production pictured above)


Please note: Your child may attend photo-day even if not participating in the production, but is still taking a class listed below & is registered through Agape DANCE. Your child is only this age 1 time, capture the memory while you can. (extra tutus available for photo, or dress in leotard attire) 


** It is helpful to younger children to tell them what they will be doing, parents may bring "incentives" such as snack of choice, you know your child best! ** Make-up as you would for performance / portraits . please note: no cell-phone photography please**


please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled class photo & individual dance portrait time with costume / hair makeup complete 


This is a great opportunity to have professional dance portraits done. A private photography session may also be booked with the photographer separately  at a future date if desired.



Images from Promotional Photo Shoot for Sleeping Beauty Grande


Leaping BallerinaLeaping BallerinaPhoto created by:


Photos in December will have a Nutcracker Snow Winter theme

Nutcracker's Winter DanceNutcracker's Winter DancePhoto by: